Data-Dynamix Email Marketing

Permission-based targeted email marketing platform that delivers real results

Data-Dynamix Email Marketing

Data-Dynamix provides targeted email marketing powered by a database of confirmed, opted-in consumers and business email records.

Our email marketing services are designed to help you reach your prospective customers by applying targeted demographics and strategic filters. Our proprietary email delivery system is secure, compliant and based on dynamic database of opt-in records for both business and consumer marketing.

Utilizing the most trusted and engaged medium in digital advertising—targeted email marketing will drive traffic, develop new customer relationships, and serve as the cornerstone of a multi-channel digital advertising campaign.

Easy to build audience files with broad and detailed demographic segmentation makes driving a message into your market easier than ever.
Target consumers based on look-a-like profiles of established clientele.
The database is deconstructed and rebuilt every 90 days to ensure the accuracy and maintain the integrity of our consumer records.
Best practices are employed to ensure deliverability of all campaigns and to make sure messages reach the inbox.
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