Measure your content’s performance by tracking 100% of your shares.


GetSocial is an all-in-one suite for content performance analytics and distribution. A platform that will help you easily identify which content, pages and/or products are generating the most shares and which social media networks you should invest in to increase ROI. 

GetSocial tracks both public and private/dark social shares like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, and Slack to give you full visibility into where and how people are sharing your content. Dark Social Shares can represent up to 98% of all shares, depending on your content type. 

You’ll also be able to see how many referrals those shares generated, allowing for better attribution and decision making.

You can choose GetSocial from four different editions. Here’s an overview of each of them:

  • GetSocial Tools is best suited for businesses looking to add share/follow buttons to their website and track basic analytics.
  • GetSocial Start is best for businesses focused on growing their traffic through their content. It provides more advanced analytics, including dark social shares and referrals (data that is misattributed in other analytics platforms). It also helps with content distribution with link shortening, social media automation, and viral alerts.
  • GetSocial Grow is optimal for those who need to manage multiple clients at the same time and that require more firepower for their strategies. More alerts means that they can be on top of what’s happening across clients, in real-time. Custom Reporting provides white-labeled editable reports and conversions allows them to put a $ value to their work. 
  • GetSocial Expand is the prime tier from our solution. This is the next step in social analytics, providing unlimited domains, alerts, and automation rules. You also get access to our Influencer module and to our API to integrate directly with your systems. 

Take a look at the GetSocial – Editions document in the Files section for more information.

Social widgets: Increase website traffic with social share and follow buttons for 30+ networks, grow your email list with our subscriber pop-ups and get engagement analytics.

Identify real virality: Invest in content and products that guarantee results by knowing how many shares and traffic they’re generating, even on private “dark social” channels.

Know your channels: Reduce CPC on social campaigns by understanding which social channels are bringing more traffic and engagement for your clients.

Automate content distribution: Save time on social media planning by automatically posting your most successful content when it meets your criteria.

Performance & privacy: There is no negative impact on website performance and the client completely owns all of the data.

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