Google Ads for Small Businesses

Automated text-based Google Ads for businesses with smaller budgets.

Google Ads for Small Businesses

Our goal is to help smaller businesses thrive in the digital age.

Designed specifically to help companies who have smaller budgets, our automated platform is built to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any small business to create a perpetual stream of new customers from Google Ads.

Getting found by nearby searchers, while they are actively looking for specific products or services, is the single most impactful thing any small business can do to survive today. Just look at what all the “big guys” are spending the bulk of their advertising dollars on – search ads. And that’s exactly what a properly managed long-tail Google Ads campaign, managed by the automated Shoptoit platform does.

Regardless of your budget, the Shoptoit Search Platform and Google Ads API integration now makes it affordable for  any small business to benefit from  effective, long-tail keyword ad campaigns – optimized to attract new customers searching for the products or services you provide and drive sales, without taking any of your valuable time.

Our platform automatically creates ads for each of your products or services, focusing on long-tail keywords – more specific words describing what you do. We then identify and omit negative keywords that can result in un-qualified traffic that eats up a budget. 

This means you won’t overspend on generic, broad search terms, and results in a campaign  that reaches motivated, engaged consumers at the point of purchase, which delivers exceptional results.

Get found in Google by nearby, engaged searchers actively looking for the products and services you provide.

Fully automated, Cloud-Based Platform – no software or downloads required
Fast setup – ads are live in two business days
Hands-free maintenance – we continually monitor and optimize your ads using automation
Flexible budgeting options – suited to small businesses
Quantifiable results – we offer detailed reporting on your ad campaigns in a way small businesses can understand
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$ 500
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