Google Ads Robot

AI managed Google Search Ads for budgets between 1 – 500 USD/day.

Google Ads Robot

Say Hi to your personal Google Ads Robot 👋 


✅ Set up a top optimized Google Search Advertisement in less than 5 minutes 

✅ Spend just a few minutes per month managing it 

✅ Solid Google Ads strategy for great results.

  • Built for advertisers lacking budget, time or experience
    The Google Ads Robot from AdBud takes care of everything for you regardless of your prior knowledge or experience. Check out our video below for how to get started.
  • “Too many chefs spoil the soup”
    Amongst our advertisers we see the greatest results when the AI gets to work without the interference of people. We have therefore limited the manual control by only allowing the user to provide the Robot with guidance instead of direct commands. This means AdBud is a great fit for advertisers who lack the budget, time or experience and don’t need to manually control the Google Ads tactics.

    Psst.. if you’re not 100% comfortable putting the fate of your Google Ads in an AI (yet) don’t worry. The AI is constantly monitored by our Google Ads Specialists to make sure nothing is overlooked.

  • Built for “every” budget
    The Google Ads Robot manages budgets between 1 USD – 500 USD/day on Google Search Ads.


AI based on +50 000 Google Ads

The Robot is built on world-class Swedish technology. Based upon managing and optimizing +50 000 Google Ads. The only thing required for you to do is to tell the Robot what your business offers and in which geographical area it operates. You can start/stop/pause and change the settings at any time. You are in control of the advertisement and there are no hidden fees.

Automatic customer reports

Having handled tens of thousands of Google Ads, we know it’s important to have easy access to statistics. We have therefore gathered the most valuable data in one place, just one click away. All statistics are 100% transparent and easily explained with “Learn more”-sections to provide support.


The costs

  • The setup fee
    The setup-fee is a one time fee to activate the product for one customer.
  • The Traffic Credits
    The Traffic Credits is the budget to use for buying clicks on Google. The Traffic Credits are split 90% to Google for clicks, and 10% in fee for using the service.

    The Traffic Credits is set up with a predetermined value which you’ll find in the checkout. You can buy Traffic Credits as:

    • A one time purchase which means you will manually need to buy more Traffic Credits as the money is spent.
    • A monthly subscription which means you don’t have to manually refill the advertisement, the system will handle that for you. 

If, for some reason, all money of the Traffic Credits were not to be spent during one month, they will automatically be moved into the following month. 

Get started within 5 minutes
Full transparency
Pause/Activate your ads whenever you want
Automatic optimization of your advertising
Monthly reviews by certified Google Ads professionals
Video tutorials
Sitelink extension
Phone extension
Up to 8 ads
Google Ads Call Tracking Included
Our Plans



1 Account
$ 125
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