The ultimate social media tool to analyze, manage and measure your social media activity.


Measure, manage, and analyze all your social media accounts and online ad campaigns from beginning to end. All your data in one place.


Analyze your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn), online ad campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords), and social media competitors. Plus, analyze your website or blog in detail without needing to be an expert at web analytics.


Easily create campaigns and schedule your social networks and posts. Organize and optimize your content strategy according to the best time to publish based on your own audience.

Create Reports

Generate automated custom reports in seconds. Choose what metrics to include, the date range, language and even add your own logo. No download limits! You can even create unlimited customized templates for your reports.


Manage your community and events in real-time. Learn how your audience interacts with your website or blog in real-time. Measure the impact and reach of any hashtag on Twitter for events or campaigns.

Save time analyzing all your social networks and ads campaigns in the same place. Study you competitors and optimize your strategy.
Generate automatic and customized reports in a few clicks.
Plan all your posts at the best hours when your community is more active.
Automate your social networks with Metricool´s autolists.
Measure all the repercussions of hashtags or keywords on Twitter and Instagram.
Drive traffic to your web or blog from Instagram with the Metricool Instagram Link.
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