POWr Website Plugins

A complete toolkit of 58 website plugins designed to help grow your business online.

POWr Website Plugins

Boosting business on your website can be more overwhelming than being in charge of the music at your cool friend’s party. The laundry list of tasks includes growing your followers, engaging visitors, customer support, collecting data, and a hundred other things. If you’ve got big plans for your small business, but no big team or budget, POWr brings you a complete library of 58 website plugins (also known as apps or widgets) designed to help grow your business online. They’re easy-to-use, totally customizable and can be added to any website in just a few clicks. Get the strength of a full web engineering team, with no code, in one handy toolkit.

Grow your online presence without pain or coding, with access to 58 website plugins.

Manage and create all your plugins in one central dashboard and keep them updated in real time.

Get more sales with a Countdown Timer and promo Popup and grow your following with a live Social Feed for Instagram, Facebook and more.

Provide superior customer support with live Facebook chat, a comments forum, and contact forms that come with automated emails.

Easily collect payments, donations and subscriptions through Paypal or Stripe with a payment button.

Reduce website bounce rates by visually engaging website visitors with the Multi-Slider and Media Gallery tools and provide the tools to help businesses gather valuable data with easy-to-create forms and surveys.

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